Chloris Rose Ring

Chloris Rose Ring

Rose-cut Diamonds: 0.52 cts
18K White Gold:  5.3 grams

    For this ring VOTIVE took inspiration from the Greek goddess Chloris and the Myth of Rose Creation. While strolling through the forest, Chloris, the goddess of flowers, tripped over the lifeless form of a beautiful nymph. Overcome by her fate she entreated the gods to transform her into a beautiful rose.

    Aphrodite gave her beauty. Dyonisus, the god of wine, gave her nectar for a sweet smelling fragrance. And the three Graces - the Charites known as Thalia, Euphrosyne, and Aglaea - gave her charm, joy, and brilliance. All these elements are elegantly embodied in this stunning Chloris Rose Ring, reminding us to enjoy life in the moment. Acquire the whole set, or get each piece individually.

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    Reference: LR0002R